Withdrawal Form

Withdrawing a paper during peer-review or (worse) during the production process after acceptance, but before publication, is an uncommon event that is not considered good scientific practice and must be done only in exceptional cases.

Keep in mind that reviewers and editors may already have spent time on the manuscript, and authors and editors are asked to work together to avoid a withdrawal and make the paper publishable.

If all the measures described in the pertinent Knowledge Base article are exhausted, authors can request a withdrawal using this form.

Name of Corresponding author:
Email of Corresponding author:
Manuscript ID number:
Type of article:
Date of Submission:
Editor’s Name:
Stage of Review:
Date of Review:
Date of request of withdrawal:

A. What is the main reason for requesting a withdrawal? (you will be presented with additional questions/advice on the issue picked here)

1. The authors discovered fatal errors in the manuscript, rendering the results invalid
2. The authors feel they cannot respond to the reviewers' comments (note that the editor makes the decision)
3. The authors need a decision before a specific deadline.
4. The authors do not wish to publish in Medphoenix because of the lack of impact factor (but would agree to publish in a journal with an impact factor)
5. The authors do not wish to publish in MedPhoneix, JNMC for other reasons.
6. Authors want to try a different journal from another publisher

B. Does all the author agree on withdrawing the manuscript? Yes/No
C. Are you satisfied with the reviews from the peer reviewer? Yes/No

Please give reasons.
D. Do you plan to submit the manuscript again in future in MedPhoneix, JNMC? Yes/No

Please give reasons.
E. How do you grade the peer reviewing system of MedPhoneix, JNMC from 1 to 10? ……

Brijesh Shrestha, MD
Executive Editor
MedPhoenix, the Journal of National Medical College
Corresponding Author